Hotline Submission

Hotline Submission

InspireReady is a “new reality” news organization that is built on inspiration and innovation. We acknowledge and share stories of success, progress, and our genuine excitement about what’s new and different that’s actually working!

We acknowledge these things to create more – to spread joy and empower people to see that all is not lost! There is no need to fear and no need to worry. Things are never quite as they seem.

And the great thing is that we believe in the more, the merrier! Come join us in our celebration of living and being on Planet Earth.

Is it possible that you may be aware of something special or inspirational going on in your community that other people would like to know about?

Perhaps there is a person or an organization that you would like to recognize?

Or do you by chance have a creative, fun, and innovative idea that you would like to share with the world?

If so, we would love to hear from you! This is a totally free service and an invitation for anyone interested.

(Note: This is a placeholder. Fully robust social media accounts, website, and YouTube channel are in production and will be shared soon!) 

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